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Condenser Fan Motor

What is a Cooling Fan Motor?

There are two motors in an HVAC system: a blower motor in the air handling unit, and a fan motor in the air conditioning condenser unit outside. 

The condenser unit fan motor is a blower that moves outdoor air across the condensing coil found in the outdoor compressor/condenser unit. The movement of outdoor air across the condensing coil transfers heat to outdoor air and allows high pressure/high temperature refrigerant inside the condensing coil to condense from a gas back to a liquid refrigerant. 

Air conditioning refrigerant is pressurized by a compressor, which causes it to heat. This warm refrigerant is then passed through a heat exchanger, called a condenser, located along with the compressor in the outside unit. The cooled refrigerant then passes through an orifice, expanding rapidly. This rapid expansion causes it to cool rapidly. The now cold refrigerant is pumped through a radiator-type coil, called an evaporator, in the air handling unit, cooling the air.

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