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Friday, 15 September 2017

Tips for Car Preventive Maintenanace

If you're looking to keep your car running well over the long term, there are several details you must keep in mind. One of them is preventative car maintenance. By keeping track of the overall health of your car, you can keep your car running well and make sure that you don't run into major mechanical trouble for quite some time.
To ensure your car stays a well-oiled machine, it's essential to stay on top of the 'little' things. Regular checks and vehicle services are paramount to your car's healthy. These tips will help you make sure your car stays shipshape.

1. Check the Battery
The battery influences some of high-tech features that keeps your car an elite machine. A battery that is running out of charge can affect your vehicle's fuel efficiency, air circulation, and more. Your battery needs to be fully charged and functioning correctly to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Car batteries need to be taken care of with regular inspection, testing and charging to keep them in good condition. Batteries never fail at convenient times! Factors like colder or hotter weather and driving patterns can decrease the life expectancy of your car battery.

2. Check The Fluids
With all of its moving parts, your car needs to have the right levels of fluids to keep running properly over time. Having fluids be too low can cause extra engine wear, transmission problems, and over time can ruin your car. Use your vehicle's owner's manual to understand how to check your fluids, check them regularly, and know which ones are safe to top off yourself, and which ones mean your car needs to be seen by a mechanic.

3. Take Your View Seriously
If your windscreen wipers are leaving behind streaks and blurry messes, it's time to get them changed. It's easy to forget that your wipers are worn when the weather is good, and then find that they're not doing their job when you need to see what's going on. As soon as your wipers stop cleaning your windscreen effectively, make sure to get them replaced. Make a note on your shopping or errand list that you'll need new ones and get them put on straight away. You might prevent an accident!

4. Give Your Car a Chance to Warm Up
On cold mornings, dropping your car into gear the moment you start it can really hurt the transmission. It's a waste of fuel to leave the car running for a long time before you get going, but making sure to let the car idle for thirty seconds to a minute will help the transmission be working properly before you start demanding that it run. Once you're on the move, be gentle on the roads until your car is warmed up.

5. Your Mechanic is Your Friend
If you just aren't sure what's going on, or if something seems to be getting worse instead of better, the best thing to do is to see your friendly local mechanic. With vehicles, there's a lot you can do on your own, but as cars become more and more computer dependent, error codes and computer readers are more important than ever.
Your car is an investment, both because it's an expensive asset for you and your family, but also because you rely on it to take you from place to place. It may get you to work or school and help you visit friends and family. Taking care of your car means doing good preventative maintenance and keeping your car in the best possible condition so it lasts the distance and for this, your Mechanic is invaluable.

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